In 2014 I was invited to give a talk at the Textile Institute in London about seamless knitting technologies and their impact on knitwear and other knitted outputs. Read the report here Knitting Industry News, ‘From fair-isle to football boots; unravelling seamless knitting’.

For copyright reasons I prefer not to put the Powerpoint online, but would be happy to send a pdf of the presentation to anyone who leaves a comment asking for a copy. This is of course with the proviso that it is for personal use only and will not be re-distributed in any form.


In August 2017 BBC ‘More or Less’ invited me to participate in a programme about clothing sizes. ‘Plus why are dress sizes so weird?’, 25 August 2017. Hear the my contribution by clicking on this link  BBC More or Less – listen or download

iTunes link More or Less – edition 62

Read my blog post about this here:Link to BBC interview on clothing size blog post


In June 2018 I was invited to participate in an online interview with the BBC about the history of clothing size. This was a response to reports that H&M were planning to revise their UK women’s clothing sizes. Read my article about this here:

Blog posting about BBC interview


Featured in Selvedge magazine, 2006. ‘In the Loop; at the centre of the Knit Rennaissance’

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