Translating Between Hand and Machine Knitting

Translating Between Hand and Machine Knitting’ is now available online from The Crowood Press website, and will shortly be on Amazon and in bookshops. If your local bookshop doesn’t stock it, do ask them to order it, or put a copy in stock! Ask your local library to consider purchasing a copy – it really is a treasure trove of information for knitters of all types.

For example, there is a whole section on knitted lace, illustrations of how to work individual lace stitches by hand and machine, how to read a lace chart and understand a hand knit or machine knit lace pattern and how to translate a hand knit lace pattern to a machine punchcard, plus tips and tricks to help knit lace.

The proofs of ‘Translating between hand and machine knitting’ came back from the publishers today- its very exciting to see them. Now its time to check, check, check!

The cover

The cover proof has arrived – and its looking great.

Phew, proofreading all completed

Now its time to check the corrections and compile the index. I will try hard not to get bogged down in detail in the index. However, I do think a good index makes a book much more usable.

I am thrilled to say that Translating between Hand and Machine Knitting is now due to be published.

See more about it here: Translating between Hand and Machine Knitting