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Cutting fabric strips for research garment

I have just spent ages cutting nylon tulle into 1/2 inch strips. I tried tearing them, but the edges roll and become too smooth for my purpose. Luckily I could use a powered rotary cutter, but even so the tulle … Continue reading

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Peg loom

Ross has built me a peg loom. This is the only photo so far but more will follow. We found helpful instructions on the Internet and the finished one has three rows of pegs of different sizes spaces differently.  I … Continue reading

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‘plein air’ knitting

Caravanning and knitting. Sitting in a field whilst dinner is cooking on the BBQ. Knitting baby boots for Katie’s baby. 

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Scotney castle walk

Just walked from Lamberhurst to Scotney Castle. No great distance but managed to get stung by nettles, thistles in my feet and a dash of sunburn.  Rewarded by a very substantial cream tea with both fruit and cherry and coconut … Continue reading

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Bought a Knitmaster 700 knitting machine

Yes there are lots of these at the University where I work, but this is my own. It needs a little TLC, and a new sponge bar, but otherwise a nice machine. I like these because they have a smooth … Continue reading

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Patwin Rug Wool Cutter has arrived

I bought this efficient little gadget on eBay last week, and it arrived today.  I have been cutting the wool manually with a gauge I made myself from 2 rectangles of heavy mount card stuck both sides a narrower rectangle … Continue reading

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A bit of kitchen and eco dyeing

This post is about a bit of experimenting I did last weekend. Dyeing is something I’ve mainly done with Dylon since leaving college myself. At college I learned to use acid and direct dyes in the correct chemicaly formulas, and … Continue reading

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Review of The Knitting Book

Thank you ‘butterfly reader’ for your review of The Knitting Book: ‘I do use other books as well as this one but this is the one I return to when I can’t remember how to do something’ read the complete … Continue reading

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Sequin yarn on a drop spindle

Its that time of year again when I become inspired afresh to spin when I freshen up my skills to teach basic principles and practise of spinning to the first year knit students. This year, I am concentrating on using … Continue reading

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Report on cross-breed sheep for higher quality wool and John Arbontextiles in North Devon

Devon Mule sheep cross bred Devon breed with Blue Faced Leincester produces softer but strong wool, used in this instance for walking socks. Countryfile BBC1 Sunday 24th January 2016. Or catch up on iPlayer 

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